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Submitting roofing insurance claims is one of our specialties. Cincinnati Roofing understands the stress involved with roofing insurance claim. A natural disaster can wreak havoc on your roof. An old roof is more likely to incur slow unnoticed damage. We’re here to safely maintain the integrity of your roof structure and give you peace of mind again. That’s why we’ll act as your advocate. We’ll negotiate directly with your insurance company. Our staff includes a licensed and independent insurance adjuster with the experience and knowledge to help you make appropriate and accurate insurance claims. Moreover, we’ve earned partnerships with other industry leaders that will aid you in fully repairing your roof structure. That includes interior contractors and structural experts. As roofing contractors, we’ll repair all the damage your home or building has incurred so you can get back to living your life, and regain your castle! We know the law. We know that insurer’s might attempt to mistreat you, and some insurers won’t pay out. We also know that Ohio law protects you. If your insurer doesn’t pay you the coverage that you’re owed, or if it doesn’t give you the benefits to which you’re entitled, you may have the right to sue your insurance provider, according to the Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA). We’ll aid you in getting the money you deserve. We’re a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business, and we’re here to get you out of this fix and, we’re here to do it as fast as possible!

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